"The Shimmy Sister Experience really transported me somewhere exotic!"

    "The Shimmy Sisters were spectacular as usual. Nope. They were better than ever, as usual. It was just stunning.Mesmerizing. Overwhelmingly beautiful. The Shimmy Sisterhood is Powerful. Looking forward to working w/ you again." - Bill Amatneek of Light Rain

"Everyone was mesmerized by the sight. On stage, the beautiful Shimmy Sisters belly danced and balanced long, sleek swords on their heads
while leaning back into a somewhat contorted position. The members of Danyavaad closed their eyes and sank into the Middle Eastern-fusion
music they were making, and with the skilled DJ Sandbag on bass, Gabriel Penix on dumbek and Greg Vaughan on electric sitar.”
- Kinsee Morlan of the San Diego CityBeat

“Between Leilainia’s tradition-leaning sultriness and Adelaide’s daring edginess, you can see why Howie Mandel, Sharon Osbourne and Piers
Williams, the judges on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent,” passed them along to the next round.”
- Doug Pullen, El Paso Times and MediaNews Group

“I saw you all at Wanderlust and WOW, amazing performance. The ancient Bards and Muses were
frolicking in the etherworlds above and below you in unison to your performance.” - John Marosi

“My expectations were exceeded! The Shimmy Sisters combined with Danyavaad, make up what is by far the best Middle Eastern influenced ensemble I have ever experienced.”
- San Diego Beach Life Magazine

“A Spiritually Rockin Journey! The full house included everyone from your all American dad with his two 10 year old daughters, to Burners and internationally known dancers, to local musicians. With standing room only, people sat on the floor, and stood between tables and chairs and by the end, the entire crowd was dancing along with them! A man in the audience said ‘it feels like I am being taken back into an ancient
past ... into my nomadic past life.’ ”- The Papyrus



We create Entertainment Packages specific for each event.

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belly dance

Band and Dancers: Gypsy World Rock and Eclectic Bellydancing
Danyavaad and the Shimmy Sisters invite you to embark on a cultural journey through dance, music and the mystic of the East.

Danyavaad and The Shimmy Sisters perform with various musical guests and dancers.
Unique decorations, lighting, quality sound, projections, many different musical instruments, and an ever
changing variety of entertainment make this show a pleasant surprise each time.


Danyavaad and The Shimmy Sisters have a range of talented musicans and dancers that we work with on a regular basis. World-famous dumbek players, bellydancers, violin players, accordion players, DJs, stilt walers and acro-yoga performers.

Our motto of “Be Inclusive” applies to both our guest performers and the audience.


belly dancers




.... Perfect for:

.. traditional Arabian .. Nights

.. that elusive
.. atmosphere

.. a funky Burning
.. Man lounge
.. atmosphere

.. bachlorette parties

.. bridal/baby ..
.. showers

.. ceremonies

.. fashion shows

.. weddings


.. corporate events

.. team building


..children's parties

.. classes and
.. workshops

.. festivals

.. girls night out

.. Pretty much any
.. occasion :)


We create Entertainment Packages specific for each event.

Check out the press kit

Call to get a quote today!

booking agent san diego
Contact: Gabriel : 619 347 9021 info@nomadartz.com



Best Bellydancer SD


A typical show is 20- 45 minutes to a CD.

Props may include belly dance, snakes, fire , swords, crowd interaction, veils, wings and zils.

This show can be performed in a living room, patio, restaurant, are any area people enjoy gathering.

You may hire them as a solo act or duet.

Dancers roam around the venue creating charm and ambiance to your evening.



4+ musicians and 4+ dancers
+Whole sound system set up, rental,
+ sound tech for 6 hour event.
+ Lighting system
+ Dj /musical interludes
+ Event Photography.

Band plays ambiance, Dancers Greet Guests,
+ 90 minute show :
can be broken up through out the event



Danyavaad and The Shimmy Sisters can produce
a short 45-minute set or a full 2 hour show
incorporating multiple musicians and dancers.
Great for corporate events, private parties, or festivals.

The regular show includes 5 members; 3 musicans
and 2 dancers. Often this is expanded to include
8 members; 4 musicians and 4 dancers. Violin,
accordion, drums, and more talented dancers make the show a whirlwind of energy and entertainment!



A beautiful Bedouin Wedding Tent filled
with oriental rugs and pillows.

Sit back, relax and
allow Danyavaad and the Shimmy Sisters take you on a cultural journey through dance, music and the mystic of the East.

When not performing live, eclectic Middle Eastern & Indian Vibe DJ sounds mystify the tent creating a chill lounge or a dance party depending on what the mood calls for.




Let the silliness begin! We are multi-faceted and can create fun skits and sideshows throughout an event.

This includes a roaming gypsy band
+ spontaneous exercise classes
+ stilt walking
+ fun characters acting
+ interacting with people
+ snake charming
+body/face paining
+ We always leave time for those
spontaneous bursts of inspiration!

Danyavaad has a generator-powered mobile
music setup - perfect for remote locations. Ideal for
street fairs, grassy parks, the beach... they’ve even
performed at a waterfall in Mexico!




Stage Show + guerilla Show + street skits +  workshops
+ hotel, accommodations and travel

basic lighting for our performance area: 2 light trees, a wash and 4 up lights, a few tapestries, basic PA and 1 rug
*Great for smaller events, backyard parties, house parties and side stages.

belly dance